Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Camping Tent

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Less available pitch places – outdoor camping tents need to be set up on a level surface. The larger an outdoor camping tent is, the more challenging it is to find an area large enough. Particularly larger sized frame tents do not suit so quickly as compact dome camping tents.

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Larger functional location – This camping tent design is the one that uses ground location most efficiently. Due to the nearly vertical walls, you can utilize the complete interior area. Unlike in many dome outdoor camping tent that restrict you to the center, outdoor camping furnishings can be established anywhere you like. For example, you can cook inside when it’s drizzling, keeping your kitchen near to the walls and out of everyone’s way.

All food that is not being utilized or moved need to be suspended 10 feet above the ground and four feet out of tree trunks and limbs to keep it far from wildlife, especially bears. All trash and refuse must be packed out from the camping sites and shelters.